Charis Day Spa - Therapeutic Massage and Skin Care

Some of the Positive Effects of Massage

  •        Increases circulation
  •        Improves sleep
  •        Boosts the immune system
  •        Reduces anxiety
  •        Improves concentration
  •          Combats depression
  •        Increases joint mobility           
  •        Improves energy levels and reduces fatigue
  •        Releases “feel good” endorphins

Massage Menu
 Customized massage
Swedish or deep tissue

           40 minutes  -  $50
      60 minutes  -  $70
      75 minutes  -  $85
      90 minutes  -  $100

Online scheduling

Couples Massage

Enjoy a relaxing massage along side someone you love. You might want to add aroma therapy foot soak, heated neck wrap and light refreshments for an additional $20/each
60 minutes $70/each
75 minutes $85/each
90 minutes $100/each
Please call to schedule your couples massages.

Hot Stone Massage
Enjoy smooth basalt stones to completely relax and feel those areas of tension melt away.  
75 minutes  $95
90 minutes  $120

Prenatal Massage

Specially designed for mom-to-be to relax and unwind.
 40/60 minutes    -   $50/70
  Sports Massage

Stretching  and deep tissue techniques are used to help the athlete pre and post event.
40/60 minutes    $50/70

Chair Massage
On-site chair massage at your business.   
We come to you!  
Stay completely dressed.

Senior Massage
For those who are 65 and up, we offer a discounted price of $50 for the hour session.  What a great way to help decrease the aches and pains associated with aging.  Home visits can be arranged, as needed.

Announcing Charis Massage 
in Auburn 

For those who live in the Auburn area Laura is available to do massage Wednesday and Thursday at the following location:
Tru Skin Therapy 
12020 Enterprise Drive
Auburn, CA  95603
(Located on the same street as the Auburn DMV,  near Mt.Vernon Avenue.)